Gear Review: Hyperice Hypervolt GO

A runner using the Hypervolt GO on her leg

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Powerful, portable and quiet, the Hypervolt GO puts recovery within reach wherever you are.

Hyperice scaled down its popular full-size Hypervolt percussion massager to create the GO. But even with the smaller form, the GO doesn’t lack the power you need for warm up before a hard workout or wind down after.

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One Fleet Feet runner says it keeps her legs in top shape for longer runs.

“I've been using it as part of my recovery routine and have even used it to warm up before faster runs,” she says. “I definitely notice a difference in how fresh my legs feel even coming back from a long run or a hard workout.”

Fleet Feet reviewers spent hours using the Hypervolt GO to warm up and massage weary muscles. Here’s everything you need to know about the travel-size percussion massager.

Premium Components, Meticulous Engineering

The Hypervolt GO feels every bit as premium as the original Hypervolt, and it starts with the build quality.

At 1.5 lbs, the GO feels substantial in your hand. The weight makes it feel like a high-quality piece of equipment without being unwieldy or cumbersome. The device is evenly balanced, and the rubberized handle is soft in your hand.

“It has a really satisfying weight to it without wearing out your arm if you’re holding it for a while,” one Fleet Feet reviewer says.

Hyperice powered the massager with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. On a full charge, it will run for 2.5 hours or more, depending on the speed setting. To highlight the GO’s travel capabilities, Hyperice included different adapters in the box for power outlets in other countries.

Also in the box are two head attachments: a broad, flat head and a targeted, bullet-shaped option. The flat head is perfect for large muscles, like your quads, hamstrings, chest and back; the bullet attachment gives you more precision to target trigger points in your glutes, hips, shoulders and other complex muscle groups.

One of the best parts about the GO is its intuitive operation. One tester who had never used a massage gun before found it easy to take out of the box and put to use without fiddling with settings or complicated instructions.

“It’s easy to hold onto and simple to use,” she says. “It comes with two massage heads that are easy to take on and off. I appreciate that I don’t need to read a manual to use this thing.”

Compared to the standard sized Hypervolt, the GO is smaller overall and lighter. Designers knocked a full pound off the weight without losing the three speed options and the powerful percussive action.

Tech comparison

Hypervolt GO



1.5 lbs

2.5 lbs

Speed settings



Percussions per minute

Up to 3,200

Up to 3,200

Battery life

2.5+ hours

2+ hours


Brushless 40W

Brushless 60W

Quiet, Powerful Operation for Warmup and Recovery

A runner using the Hypervolt GO

Despite its smaller size, the Hypervolt GO doesn’t sacrifice the power you need for an effective warm-up or recovery.

Hyperice built the GO with its proven brushless motor. The 40W model in the GO is powerful and consistent. Plus, it uses the same QuietGlide technology as the standard Hypervolt, which means you can use it before your early morning run without waking up the house (or the dog).

Fleet Feet reviewers love the GO’s powerful punch.

“Even the lowest setting is quite powerful,” one reviewer says. “I typically don’t go higher than the lowest setting on the GO.”

Another tester used the GO for a few weeks to accelerate her warmup and cool down after a tough run.

“I do a good bit of glute activation before I run and I’ve found that the Hypervolt GO helps me speed up the process to get my muscles warmed up and ready to go,” she says. “I also like to use this as a recovery tool. I tend to get pretty sore after speed workouts and long runs, and the GO helps me to loosen up.”

The two head attachments give the tool more versatility. Reviewers like the quick-change attachments for working different parts of their bodies.

“The flat head is great for an all-over massage or targeting broad areas, like the quads or calves,” one reviewer says. “I really liked using the pointed head for a deeper, more targeted massage along smaller problem areas, like my hip flexors and hamstrings.”

Final Thoughts

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The Hypervolt GO is a serious percussion massager packed into a travel-friendly design.

Hyperice engineered the GO to thump at up to 3,200 percussions per minute, and they gave it a battery that can go for 2.5 hours.

There are more powerful and more advanced massagers on the market, like Hyperice’s own Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus, but the basic GO model gives you a compact, affordable option that delivers plenty of power.

With interchangeable head attachments and intuitive one-button operation, the Hypervolt GO can stand on its own or be a part of a more complex recovery routine.

“The Hypervolt Go is sleek in design and powerful in function,” one reviewer says. “It’s very easy to bring and use almost anywhere. I love having the options for different heads and different levels of massage. It really creates a customized warm-up or recovery experience.”

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