Gear Review: Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

A runner using the Hyperice Hypershere Mini

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Power and portability meet in the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini.

Hyperice packed a powerful motor and impressive battery into the small massage ball, giving you an easy way to stay loose when you’re on the go. But the Mini doesn’t sacrifice power for size: Three speed settings let you customize your experience, and a long battery life ensures you can hit every muscle you want to.

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Fleet Feet reviewers put the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini to the test to see how it accelerates warmups and eases muscles after a workout. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tech specs

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini


1 lb


3.5” diameter

Battery life

2+ hours

Battery type

Lithium-ion; rechargeable

Speed settings


Carry-on approved?


Portable Size Works Anywhere

A runner using the Hypersphere Mini on her calf

Hyperice is well known for their powerful massagers, but its recent lineup brings portability to the table, too.

Like the percussive Hypervolt GO, one of the best things about the Hypersphere Mini is its compact size. The massager is a little bigger than a baseball. It fits in the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to drop into a travel bag or stash in a drawer when you’re not using it.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts more than two hours on a full charge, depending on which speed you use. That impressive battery life has enough juice for a weekend trip that involves a run or two, or a few post-workout massage sessions at home between charges.

Fleet Feet reviewers also love the Mini’s simplicity. There’s only one button, which turns on the device and cycles through its three speeds—hold it for a few seconds to turn it on and off, and click it once to increase the speed. A ring of LED lights around the power button shows the battery level and the speed you’re currently using.

“There are instructions in the box, but you don’t need them to work this thing,” according to one reviewer. “It’s simple and intuitive, which makes it so easy to use.”

There aren’t any other parts, either. The only equipment that comes in the box is the actual massager, a charger and a small plastic desk stand that keeps the Mini from rolling away when you put it down.

The minimalist operation and thoughtful stand makes it a perfect piece of work-from-home gear.

“I keep the Hypersphere Mini on my desk,” one reviewer says. “It’s perfect for rolling out my feet or hamstrings while I’m working.”

Power and Precision for Tricky Muscles

A woman using the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

The Hypersphere Mini is handy when you’re on the go, but it’s powerful enough to be a regular part of your warmup and recovery routines.

Hyperice engineered the Mini with a 3.5” diameter

The Hypersphere Mini is very rigid. It has a rubberized coating that feels soft against your skin, but the hard outer shell keeps it from flexing or squishing under your weight.

The rigidity plus the spherical shape are perfect for pinpointing hard-to-reach muscles that broader rollers or devices can’t get to. Unlike a foam roller that gives you a lot of surface area to work large muscles, the Hypersphere Mini offers a small contact area to really push into trouble spots.

“I tend to get really tight hamstrings, which can be tricky to massage,” one reviewer says. “A foam roller never seems to be powerful enough or shaped properly to do the trick, but the hypersphere mini is really effective on my hamstrings.”

Despite its surprising power, the Mini is relatively quiet—as long as you use it on carpet, a yoga mat or other soft surface. On hard surfaces, like wood flooring, the massager bounces around and rattles loudly.

Another reviewer uses the Mini to soothe her feet after a workout.

“I love using it to roll out the bottoms of my feet after long runs,” she says. “I usually use a frozen water bottle, and it melts over time and makes a mess. The Hypersphere Mini is super easy to take with me and is hard enough to really let me massage out my plantar fascia.”

Fleet Feet reviewers found one quirk with the Mini: The device can accidentally switch to a higher setting because the power button isn’t covered. If you’re putting weight on the ball, like when you’re rolling it beneath your hip, the carpet or other surface can click the power button, which turns up the speed.

It’s easy enough to avoid this by orienting the Mini in different ways before you start rolling, but it’s something to be aware of.

Final Thoughts

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Hyperice engineered the Hypersphere Mini to give you a powerful massage whether you’re at home or on the go.

The hard shell is rigid enough to put your weight into it, and the small size gives you precision to work into tricky muscles or stubborn knots. Plus, the three speeds let you find the exact right setting for whatever work you need.

Fleet Feet reviewers praised the Mini’s ability to wake up hamstrings before a workout and soothe weary feet after a long run. With intuitive operation and long battery life, the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini delivers an impressive massage in a packable size.

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