Gear Review: Handful Spring 2021 Sports Bras

A woman wearing a sports bra and leggings poses for a photo

By the Fleet Feet Review Team. With over 80 years of combined experience, our review team is dedicated to providing in-depth gear and shoe reviews to help you find the best shoes and gear for your next run.

There’s a lot to love about Handful running bras. With flattering shapes, stylish cuts and sporty colorways, Handful sports bras have something for everyone in a variety of sizes.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Handful spring collection to the test through long runs, yoga classes and daily wear. We loved the smooth fabrics, comfortable fit and almost perfectly dialed in compression.

Here’s all you need to know about the Handful Spring 2021 sports bras to find your perfect fit.

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Game Time Sports Bra

A woman wearing a sports bra poses for a photo

The Game Time bra was a favorite among our reviewers. The long-line cut and extra-wide bottom band make this bra versatile and comfortable during any activity.

“It’s so pretty! This is one of those tops that I’m excited to wear on its own,” says one reviewer. “I might even try swimming in it, too, since it’s more supportive and comfortable than most swimsuits.”

Reviewers loved the sleek, sporty look of the Game Time bra. The long-line cut makes it easy to wear alone, or to pair with other active tops or loungewear. Adjustable crossback straps let you customize the fit of the Game Time bra without compromising on coverage or support.

“I was thrilled that this bra has adjustable straps. I’m petite with a short torso and some of the straps on Handful bras seem just a bit long for my shoulders. The adjustability factor on this bra lets me dial in the fit to be just right,” says a reviewer.

A woman poses and smiles while wearing the Handful Game Time sports bra

The sport-minded design of the Game Time bra shines through in the secure, compressive fit that can be felt throughout the bra.

A wide bottom band adds to the overall supportive feel of the Game Time bra and keeps it from riding up while you work out. The band works with the polyester blend fabric to prevent chafing by wicking away sweat, drying fast and staying put.

“It locks in a bounce-free fit without making me feel like I’m being squeezed to death,” says one reviewer. “This bra felt like it was giving me a supportive hug the whole way through my run.”

Plus, removable padding lets you personalize the fit and feel of your Handful bra. But with or without padding, the Game Time bra maintains a flattering shape thanks to the gentle V-neck neckline, center ruching at the chest and contoured cuts leading into the broad shoulder straps.

“I’ve started to wear this bra under regular clothes and not just when running or doing another workout (who needs real bras when working from home?). The V-neck helps it blend in under a regular shirt, and the cups help with the modesty factor,” one reviewer says.

Double Down Sports Bra

A woman raises her arms while wearing the Handful Double Down sports bra

The Double Down bra has been a long-time favorite for runners of many sizes. Rated as one of our best sports bras for C/D size cups, the Double Down bra offers excellent support for high-impact activities like running, or even day-to-day wear.

Handful updated the Double Down bra to feature sleek color blocking and a flattering shape. Our reviewers loved the attention to detail from designers like removable padding, crossback straps and easy stash pocket.

“I love the crisscross straps for both performance and aesthetic reasons,” says one reviewer. “It looks nice, is easy to get on and off, and is really comfortable. The fabric feels sleek and is thick enough to be supportive. I didn’t have any trouble with chafing, rubbing or sliding around.”

A woman smiles wearing the Handful Double Down sports bra

In addition to the stylish look of the Double Down bra, reviewers loved the supportive fit during activity.

A wide bottom band offers excellent, no-slip support to women of all sizes, while the doubled, crossback straps disperse weight across your back to eliminate pinching or chafing at the shoulders.

“I have worn this bra for several runs now, from easy days to speed workouts and long runs. It is super comfortable. I don’t feel like I’m bouncing around or that I’m being squeezed too tightly. It’s the perfect balance,” says one reviewer.

Y-back Sports Bra

A woman wearing a sports bra stretches her arms

Though it’s rated as one of our best sports bras for A/B size cups, the Handful Y-back bra offers high-impact support for women of all sizes.

Handful designed the Y-back bra to pull overhead easily before and after workouts. A polyester blend fabric wicks away moisture and dries fast to keep you comfortable and chafe-free during activity.

In addition to performance fabric, a broad bottom band holds the Y-back bra in place while you run to prevent chafing and riding up. The band has enough stretch that the fit is supportive, yet not overly compressive.

“The fit is snug enough to keep this bra comfortable on the run. I felt no bouncing or discomfort. The material is smooth and soft against the skin with just the right amount of stretch and compression,” says one reviewer.

A woman poses wearing the Handful Y back sports bra

The wide shoulder straps and Y-back construction move weight and pressure away from the top of your shoulders and disperses it down your back. That means no uncomfortable pinching or pressing while you move.

“It’s super comfortable, and I honestly forget that I’m even wearing it whether I’m wearing it on a run or around the house,” says one reviewer. “I love the ruching down the middle of the chest, so that even if you have the padding out, you don’t get a uniboob shape.”

Reviewers loved the summer-y colors and patterns that Handful rolled out with this update, making the Y-back bra stylish enough to wear alone or layer with other tops.

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