Gear Review: Brooks Drive Run Bras

Brooks Drive Run Bra Masthead

Brooks’ newest line of run bras is ready to launch as of March 1st. The Brooks Drive collection will feature the best high impact sports bras specially designed for running.

Brooks designers focused on creating run bras that move with you and offer flexible support without compromising compression.

Previously, Brooks’ Dare Run Bra collection emphasized molded cups and support through encapsulation. As designers reimagined the run bra for the Drive collection, they decided to focus on support through compression.

The signature of the Drive collection is the lightweight, compressive materials each bra is built with that hugs your body while you move so there are no gaps in coverage or support.

A versatile assortment of styles accommodates a wide range of sizes and offers variable coverage so you can move freely and confidently.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Brooks Drive bras to the test. Here’s what they thought.

Drive Convertible Run Bra

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Built from a smooth, lightweight polyester blend, the Drive Convertible Run Bra has it all.

A thick bottom band provides secure support and feeds into an adjustable clasp that allows you to customize the fit to your body’s needs.

A woman's back as she runs in the Brooks Drive Convertable Scoopback bra

“The adjustable hook back closure makes it really easy to take this bra off after a sweaty run. It’s a breeze to sneak out of it if you have to change in your car,” says one reviewer.

The entire bra is built from Brook’s unique, quick-drying polyester blend fabric. It’s so lightweight you just might forget you’re wearing it. Mesh paneling along the sides adds ventilation to the moisture-wicking action of the fabric to keep you comfortable and chafe free on the run.

One Fleet Feet reviewer noted the chafe-proof design of the Convertible bra.

“I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't get any chafing! I usually get really bad chafing at the bottom of my sternum,” she says. “I didn't use anything to prevent chafing while I was wearing the Convertible bra and was so pleased to find out that I didn't chafe during any of my workouts.”

While the Convertible bra is not padded, the multi-layered cups provide a compressive fit for all sizes while remaining flexible as your body moves.

A woman walks in a bright red jacket and Brooks Drive pocket bra

Reminiscent of older Brooks run bra models, the Drive Convertible bra struck a chord with lifelong fans.

“I'd recommend this bra for people looking for more compressive support and fans of the Rebound Racer and Uplift Crossback.” says one reviewer.

The V-cut neckline is flattering, but doesn’t go so deep that you lose support or risk spillage. Mesh detailing along the V-neck adds extra coverage and stylish flare to the Convertible bra.

As the name implies, the Convertible bra is just as versatile as you are. Adjustable straps allow you to personalize the fit while a discrete hook at the back lets you move easily between a scoop back or racerback fit.

“I like the adjustability of this bra and the fact that I can actually wear it both ways,” says one reviewer. “I have had other convertible bras where the straps only adjust enough so that one setting fits, but the other is always too tight or too loose.”

Whether you choose a racerback fit for added security or to add strappy flare to your running ‘fit, the Convertible bra has you covered at all angles.

Drive 3-Pocket Run Bra

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Searching for a comfortable, hands-free run? The Drive 3-Pocket Run Bra is the perfect solution.

The 3-Pocket bra is cut from a super-smooth polyester blend fabric that works hard to wick away sweat and dries quickly, leaving you comfortable and supported on your run.

One Fleet Feet reviewer says of the performance material, “I love the material that it’s made of. I barely noticed it while I was running other than to feel supported … my run bra never felt sweaty or cold.”

A woman runs in the Brooks Drive 3 Pocket bra

The thick bottom band has just the right amount of stretch to make the bra comfortable to pull on and off, but the strong elastane-spandex blend goes to work once you put it on to provide relentless support.

“I really love that the material and pressure feels consistent throughout the whole bra,” one reviewer raves. “There's not one distracting point where a seam is rubbing, or a strap is cutting at an uncomfortable angle.”

Unlike the Convertible bra, the 3-Pocket bra pulls on over your head, emphasizing the supportive fit. Even after our reviewers put in sweaty miles in the 3-Pocket run bra, they still found it easy to get off.

Removable cups let you personalize the fit and feel of your 3-Pocket bra without detracting from the overall compressive, uplifting fit. The high-neck and racerback style work together to create a secure, modest look for any chest size.

A woman slips her phone into the pocket of her Brooks Drive 3 pocket bra

Arguably the highlight of the 3-Pocket bra (or any piece of clothing for that matter) is the pockets! Two mesh pockets at the sides and a phone-sized pocket in the back make this bra a game-changer in your ability to comfortably run hands free.

“I love the phone pocket in the back. I was surprised there was no bounce while wearing the phone during my run so this is probably my favorite feature,” says one reviewer.

Another reviewer loved the mesh side pockets, as compared to other bra models that use front pockets.

“They’re perfect for gels or a car key. I’ve tried a few pocket bras from various brands and this is the first I’ve seen with side pockets, as opposed to front and back pockets,” she says.

Across the board, our reviewers loved the Drive 3-Pocket Run Bra for its consistently compressive feel and easy on, easy off fit.

This bra is sure to be a go-to for anyone looking for all-around support and of course, pockets.

Final Thoughts

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The Brooks Drive Run Bra collection focuses on creating a flexible, seamless fit that hugs the contours of your body as you move.

Polyester blend fabric and clean lines work hard to wick away sweat and dry quickly while you run to prevent chafing or pinching. The fabric remains lightweight and breathable even after a long run, making the Drive Run Bras some of the best sports bras for running.

While the Drive Run Bra collection marks a break from the encapsulating feel of the Dare Run Bra collection by focusing on a compressive fit, the Drive bras retain the performance feel of most Brooks Run Bras.

Featuring an array of styles and fits to choose from, the Brooks Drive Run Bras make it easy to find the right level of support and coverage you need.

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