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From Movement to Meditation

Kait Hurley demonstrates a yoga posture

On Ambassador Kait Hurley shares why the two go hand in hand

On ambassador Kait Hurley is a mindful movement entrepreneur based in Portland, OR, who developed the “Move + Meditate®" method after years of difficulty “sitting” as a competitive athlete.

The theory behind the practice is simple: sweat and get your heart pumping first in order to use your post-workout endorphins to maximize the mediation experience. According to Hurley’s website, her tried-and-true formula makes you “less antsy and more open to the experience of meditating.”

We caught up with Hurley last week to ask her a few questions (below) and then move through a few runner-specific stretch, strength and stability exercises with her on Instagram LIVE, followed by a few moments of stillness.

In need of a meditative pause? Check out our session and follow @FleetFeetSports on Instagram (it’ll only take about 20 minutes). All you need is a yoga mat.

 Kait Hurley demonstrates a yoga posture
 Kait Hurley demonstrates a yoga posture
 Kait Hurley demonstrates a yoga posture

Fleet Feet: You discovered mindfulness through your athletic journey. As an active, striving athlete, why did you find it to be particularly helpful?

Kait Hurley: It taught me how to push myself from a place of kindness and potential when I was going hard, and it helped me understand that rest isn’t just part of training, it’s critical and vital to my wellbeing.

FF: Moving before meditation. How and why was this a game changer for you?

KH: Meditation was so challenging for me! It was counterintuitive to everything I’ve been conditioned to value. By moving first, my body could blow off some steam and let go of feelings of antsy-ness.

FF: If you could only choose three movements before meditation (for yourself and for others), what would they be?

KH: Super simple moves that you can do anywhere, no matter how you’re feeling. My top three would be:

  1. Child’s Pose.
  2. Side body stretches.
  3. Cat Cows in All Fours.

Getting the blood flowing and opening up some places where you feel tight and stuck can help you feel good when you sit and settle into a posture that’s steady and sweet.

FF: Why is On the right partner for the work that you do?

KH: I love the shoes. I find myself wearing On shoes when I’m not running. My feet feel so good wearing them. I’ve struggled with tendonitis in my feet and I’ve had achilles issues. These shoes feel good, and they keep my feet and my body healthy. Also the team is amazing. They really care. The people and the community is another reason why I feel so connected to the brand.

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