Mindfulness Tips for Runners

Seated meditation combined with mindful aerobic activity can do wonders for your mental health, whether you have access to a quiet trail or you're running in a city. Relax and be more present with these mindful running tips.

Before You Run

Spend a few minutes in a comfortable seat, focused on deep breathing. This helps you to relax and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system.

On the Run

To help you focus on the present moment, leave behind any distractions like your watch or phone. Don't worry about pace.

Choose a Focus

Your focus can be something internal, such as your breath, or your form. It could also be something external such as the sound of the wind, crickets, or traffic. Use this focus to stay grounded on the present moment. Your attention will likely wander, which is fine. If you find yourself thinking about other things, simply return to the internal or external focus you have chosen.

After the Run

Reflect on your experience. Consider writing in a journal or your training log about how you felt, or expressing gratitude for the experience.

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