14 Best Running Podcasts

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If you can't stand the sound of your own breathing while running, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're obsessed with the sport, new to the community or just looking for something engaging to listen to on the run, we've got the lineup of the best running podcasts 2021 has to offer. You can find any of these shoes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you stream.

From laugh-out-loud banter, insightful interviews to moments of zen, there's something for everyone here. Just press play, and enjoy.

1. Six Minute Mile Podcast

If you love Six Minute Mile’s lighthearted email newsletter, their podcast is equally entertaining and insightful. Host David Lavallee interviews the best in the running industry to understand the people and events that influence the culture of our sport. Check out the latest episode featuring Fleet Feet’s very own Chief Operating Officer, Jason Jabaut. A former pro runner and 3:57 miler, Jabaut shares his perspective on running, life, business and the importance of getting fit for the right pair of shoes.

Catch the latest episode here:

2. CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris Chavez

Hosted by Sports Illustrated writer Chris Chavez, the CITIUS MAG podcast offers a weekly breakdown of all things track and field each week. Guests range from athletes, coaches, writers or other interesting figures in running culture, and cover a broad array of topics. Chavez offers deep insights and humor to the overall laid-back vibe of the show. Plus, the CITIUS MAG podcast network is huge and only growing bigger, with shows for every runner at every pace.

Catch the most recent episode here:

3. Social Sport

Emma Zimmerman takes on the intersection of sport and culture in her Social Sport podcast. There’s a large focus on running in addition to conversations with a variety of athletes from around the world and across disciplines. Hear discussions ranging from climate change to racial injustices, and everything in between. Emma is brilliant and is sure to bring an insightful calm to your run.

Tune in to the most recent episode here:

4. Running Things Considered

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to two dudes nerding out about running, this is your chance. Hosts Zane Coburn and Avery Bartlett talk about everything and nothing with all the comedy and insight you need to forget you’re even running. Soon enough they’ll feel like you’re personal headphone friends. Conversations range between nitty gritty track and field to running culture at large.

Check out the most recent episode here:

5. Pyllars Podcast

Ultramarathoner Dylan Bowman talks ultrarunning, sports, business and all things outdoors on his freshly rebranded podcast, Pyllars. We interviewed Dylan about this exciting new avenue in his career back in February, 2021, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Listen to the most recent episode here:

6. The Morning Shakeout Podcast

Shake off the sleepies with host Mario Fraioli as he invigorates your run thorugh inspiring conversations with top athletes, coaches and cultural figures in the sport of running. The Morning Shakeout is the perfect wake-me-up for your morning run, or first run of the day (whenever that may be).

Shake out to the most recent episode:

7. Trail Runner Nation

Whether you listen while hitting the trails or are looking for more insight to the trail running community, Trail Runner Nation is the podcast for you. Dedicated hosts offer the latest insights to the sport, culture, and community that make trail running so unique. Conversations range from training tips, nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more with guests from all over the trail running and wellness communities.

Hit the trails with the most recent episode here:

8. Grounded with Dinèe Dorame

If you haven’t heard about Dinèe Dorame, now is the perfect time to find out. The Tracksmith fellow, runner and Indigenous Peoples advocate has made a splash in the running community facilitating conversations around running, identity, land and culture. Each week, she hosts athletes of all different backgrounds and levels and asks the simple question– what grounds you?

Listen to the her recent conversation here:

9. It’s About Being Seen

Hosted by Nikki Hiltz, this special edition podcast series features conversations with members of the LGBTQ+ community, with a special focus on individuals who used Nikki’s Pride 5K event to come out in 2020. Nikki has already made huge strides for trans individuals in running, and for the LGBTQ+ community at large, and continues to do so in her engaging, thoughtful production of It’s About Being Seen.

Check out the most recent episode here:

10. C Tolle Run

Carrie Tollefson, an Olympian and elite middle-distance runner, is so upbeat that you might miss her serious talent for asking sometimes tough, often insightful questions of her guests. Speaking of, she consistently books fellow Olympians and other top-notch guests.

Give the most recent episode a listen here:

11. Science of Ultra

Created by Dr. Shawn Bearden, a Ph.D. who runs his own lab, Science of Ultra is for anyone who wonders how a human can run 100 miles. Dr. Bearden says, “The heart of Science of Ultra is the rigorous experiments in exercise physiology performed by leading scientists, the direction they can bring to our sport, and the unwavering pursuit of understanding.”

Catch the newest episode here:

12. More Than Running with Dana Giordano

Dana Giordano is a professional middle distance runner with the Boston Athletic Association. But more than that, she is the ever-engaging, hysterical host of More Than Running. Her show focuses around women in the running community and the work they do to empower others and promote the sport as industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and overall inspiring people.

Hear her most recent conversation here:

13. Not Your Average Runner

“You can be a runner at any size, shape or age, and I want to show you how,” Jill Angie states on her website. This podcast is geared toward anyone who feels that they don’t fit the mold of a typical runner. It offers motivation and technical strategies for beginners and experienced runners looking to up their game.

Listen to the newest episode here:

14. Running on Om

Julia Hanlon’s voice alone gives us big zen vibes. From 2013 to 2016, Hanlon recorded over 200 episodes with innovators in the mind/body/spirit realm. In 2019, she brought the podcast back, this time focusing exclusively on women in endurance sports. Hanlon believes that “endurance sports are a metaphor for life. How we show up on the trail is how we show up in our lives.” Committed to telling the stories of women, Hanlon brings contemplation and compassion to every episode.

Zen out to the newest episode here:

Editor's note: This article was updated on August 23, 2021

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