20-Minute Full-Body Workout for Core and Leg Strength

Follow along with Superfeet Ambassador Tara Garrison for this full-body workout for your core and legs. Set a timer for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as possible, paying close attention to your form.

- 20 steps Bear Crawls

- 10 Inch Worms

- 10 High Knees to Squat (6 High Knees before the Squat)

- 10 Squat with 3 Pulses at Bottom

- 10 Broad Jumps

Record your rounds and challenge yourself to beat your record next week.

Bear Crawls

Get in a quadriped (all fours) position. Keeping knees almost touching ground and abs pulled in, crawl forward. Keep a flat back and knees low to engage the core.

Inch Worms

Start in a plank position on your hands. Take baby steps with your feet toward your hands, pushing up into a pike position. When you can't get your feet any closer to your hands, walk it out with your hands to come back into a plank. Keep your core pulled in the entire time.

High Knees to Squat

Do 6 high knees, keeping your core pulled in and tight. Take a step out to one side and sink into a squat. Keep knees outside of your big toes on the squats and heels on the ground. Continue alternating side to side on the squats.

Squat with 3 Pulses

With feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, turn your toes out slightly. Sink into a squat, keeping a straight line from the crown of your head to your tailbone and your lower abs pulled in. Keeping your heels on the ground, sink deep into the squat and do 3 small pulses in the bottom position. Return explosively to the starting position, but stop just shy of locking out the knees. Go straight back down into the next rep for constant tension.

Broad Jumps

Push hips and arms back, then jump as far forward as you can, swinging your arms with you. Land as softly as you possibly can, keeping knees bent and soft. Keep knees outside of your big toes. Give yourself time to set up for the next jump when you are learning. Then you can work into continuous jumps. Use your hips to power you through the jump.

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