12-Minute Low-Impact HIIT

Follow along for a low-impact dynamic HIIT workout that targets the whole body and incorporates bit of mobility, all while working your aerobic system.

You need 12 minutes, and no extra gear (except for a watch or timer).

Perform three rounds of three minutes of hard work, followed by one minute of rest. That’s nine minutes total of hard work.

But rather than doing one exercise straight for three minutes, rotate through a circuit of three different movements:

1. Walk down two high plank, to pushup, walk back up (think of this as a burpee without a jump)

2. Side lunges

3. Normal lunges (can incorporate an upper body twist—opposite elbow to knee)

Moving dynamically is important for runners, because, by nature, running is repetitive. It’s easy to forget about our inner thighs and upper back, for example. So incorporating dynamic strength training movements will not only make us stronger runners, it will also make us more balanced athletes.

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