10 Minutes to Increased Flexibility and Mobility

One of the most important aspects of recovery is focusing on mobility.

Wesley Miller of AntiFragile Physical Therapy is a biomechanics expert and Physical Therapist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Join Miller as he demonstrates four exercises that take a total of 10 minutes.

This mobility work is designed to increase flexibility where runners need it most. They can be done at any time; no prior warm-up needed.

To gain flexibility, do this routine every day (even twice per day). For maintaining flexibility, once every other day is great. For recovery and maintenance, once or twice per week.

1. Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch. Two minutes on each side.

2. Titanic Hang Stretch. One minute, three times. You can build up to holding it for three minutes at a time once you feel comfortable.

3. Deep Sit Squat. Thirty seconds, three times.

4. Chest-opening stretch with a band. Thirty seconds, three times.

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