10 Minute Strength & Core Workout for Runners

With your legs pushing you forward and your core holding you up, running requires an immense amount of power, balance and stability. But running alone often does not give you all that your body needs to perform at your best and without injury.

Building up your leg and core strength with one to two weekly strength workouts will help you stave off injuries while running faster and more efficiently. Check out this 10 minute strength and core workout to take your training to the next level.

Your 10 minute workout is actually two workouts of 6 minutes and 4 minutes, respectively.

Workout 1: 3 rounds of

40 seconds Shoulder Tap Planks. Rest 20 seconds.

40 seconds Reverse Plank Hold. Rest 20 seconds.

Workout 2: 4 rounds

30 seconds Reverse Lunges.

30 Seconds Sprawls (or Burpees!)

No rest between exercises!

Follow this routine for 6 minutes of core work followed by 4 minutes of full body strength. The workout is time based, so once you’ve mastered the mechanics, you can speed up each movement to get more reps in or you can load up these movements by adding weight!

  • First, the shoulder tap planks. Get in a plank position with your hands on the ground. Touch your right hand to your right shoulder, then your left hand to your left shoulder - without your hips shifting or moving from side to side. Alternate for 40 seconds, then take 20 seconds of rest. Add some pushups if you want an extra challenge.
  • Get in a reverse plank position, with your heels against the ground and your palms facing inwards. If this position bothers your wrists, you can turn them out a little bit. Push your hips up by engaging your glutes and hamstrings. Push through your chest and shoulders as well. Hold for 40 seconds without letting your hips drop, then take 20 seconds of rest.
  • Repeat the above exercises for a total of three sets of each movement. .
  • Now, it's time for your full body work, starting with reverse lunges. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and lower yourself into a lunge by extending your right leg backwards and bending at the knee. Alternate lunging legs for 30 seconds. Try to keep a vertical forward shin and an upright chest for good mechanics.
  • Now go straight into a sprawl – no rest! Stand with your feet together and bend forward by hinging at the hips. Place your hands on the ground and jump backwards into a plank position. While keeping your core engaged and glutes squeezed, drop your hips a few inches to the ground, then snap your hips back up and jump your feet back towards your hands. Return to a standing position, and finish with a jump and clap over head. Make this a burpee for an extra challenge by adding a full push up at the bottom. Repeat this for 30 seconds of quality, fast moving reps..
  • Perform the above exercises four times each for thirty seconds each.

Great job on your workout. Repeat this once per week as part of your weekly strength routine. Feel free to challenge yourself by adding weight, by moving faster, or by subbing other exercises into the mix!

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