Best Phone Holders & Armbands for Running 2024

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A perfect run can make you feel like you’re carrying nothing at all. These phone holders for running will keep your gear secure and let you forget about holding your smartphone.

If you like to bring your cell phone with you during your run to listen to music, map your run or for safety reasons, you’ve probably been mildly frustrated with the task of carrying your bulky phone along. Feeling like your form is lopsided or constantly alternating between which hand to hold your phone with can be distracting and energy-wasting.

Large enough to fit your iPhone or Android, these convenient phone carriers for running will let you forget about your smartphone during your run or walk, so you can listen to your perfectly curated playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, coached workouts or fitness apps hassle-free. If you want to jam out on your run without the irritating wires or sweaty earbuds falling out, snag a pair of wireless running headphones.

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Log your miles with the top armbands, belts, straps and cases. We’ve picked the best phone holders for running so that you can tune in or zone out during your run:

Quickly check out the Fleet Feet Editors’ tried and tested picks for the best phone holders, belts and armbands for running, then keep scrolling for more details on how you can run with your phone.

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How to Carry Your Phone While Running and What to Consider

The best way to run, walk or workout with your smartphone is to take the phone out of your hands and secure it close to your body. Phone holders for runners often come in the form of sports armbands, straps and running belts, but some of the best running clothes often have convenient pockets that can store your phone while you run as well.

Before you buy a running phone carrier, consider whether you would prefer to carry your phone around your hips/waist, arm, hand or back while you run. Then decide what other essentials you may want to take with you as well such as nutrition, keys or a wallet.

Want to leave your phone behind altogether and still listen to your music? Check out the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, Garmin Venu SQ Music or Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.

FlipBelt Classic

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The FlipBelt Classic makes it easy to run with your phone, keys and cards.

This running and sports belt holds your phone with a tube of stretchy athletic fabric that lies flat around your waist. Horizontal openings in the belt give you multiple access points that stretch to accommodate larger phones and moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep you dry.

The snug fit holds your phone close to your body, so it doesn’t bounce, ride up or slip down while you’re working out. Just step into the FlipBelt Classic like a pair of pants and off you go. This discreet belt also works well if you are traveling or at a concert.

If you’re looking for a running phone holder with even more security, try the FlipBelt Zipper.

Sprigs Banjees Armband

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The Sprigs Banjees Armband is a simple and comfortable armband for carrying your phone on your run.

Its easy-to-use design stretches to fit snugly on your arm and stays put during your workout. The armband’s form-fitting pouch can adapt to any size smartphone, while the VELCRO fastener keeps it secure, even during high-intensity workouts.

The Banjees Armband from Sprigs is a convenient and minimalist way to carry your phone, keys or even pepper spray during your runs and walks.

Nathan Zipster Lite

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Storage galore can be found in the Nathan Zipster Lite running belt. Similar to the FlipBelt Classic, the Zipster Lite holds your phone and running gear comfortably around your waist and keeps it all from bouncing as you run.

The Zipster Lite has two zippered pockets that are weather-resistant to keep your electronics safe from rain and sweat, while four pockets in total let you bring along all the essentials that you need to get through your run.

Now lighter than ever, the Nathan Zipster Lite’s low profile sits flat against your body for an incredibly comfortable and convenient way to hold your phone during your run.

Amphipod Reflective-Burst ArmPod SmartView Sumo™

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The Amphipod Reflective-Burst ArmPod SmartView Sumo™ is a phone armband with two-in-one utility. Reflective detailing helps keep you seen when you’re running at night, while a protective View-Thru™ front panel gives you full screen access and touch control on your smartphone, so you can easily skip songs or answer phone calls without stopping your run.

The ArmPod SmartView Sumo also comes with a large separated internal compartment for carrying extras like your wallet, keys, or energy gels.

If you start to get sweaty, the fully-adjustable and chafe-free strap lets you re-secure your armband without interrupting your run or workout.

SPIbelt Adult Large Pocket

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This running and fitness belt is a favorite among marathon runners but can be used by any runner or walker. The SPIbelt Adult Large Pocket expands or contracts to accommodate larger smartphones as well as your headphones, keys, ID or even medical supplies.

A sturdy buckle lets you easily clip the belt on and off while the adjustable strap helps you dial in the perfect fit.

Bounce-free, lightweight and comfortable, the SPIbelt is perfect for running, hiking, working out, travel and more.

Koala Clip Lux

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The perfect alternative for women who don’t want to carry their phone on their arms or hips, the Koala Clip Lux turns your running bra into your phone holder.

A magnetic clip lets you attach your cell phone or other essentials securely to the back of your sports bra and easily slips under running tanks, tees and jackets. By holding your phone between your shoulder blades, you can run, bike or hit the gym without the distraction.

With a zippered pouch to secure your items, the Koala Clip Lux’s inner layer is water and sweat resistant, while the outer layer is sweat-wicking. The Koala Clip can also clip onto your waistband as a convenient way to carry your running essentials.

How We Picked the Best Phone Holders for Running

With more than 45 years of experience, Fleet Feet is the expert in running. What makes an ideal running armband, strap or belt for a runner comes down to your personal experience, goals, preferences and style. At Fleet Feet, we have been helping runners pick out the right gear for decades and want to pass that knowledge onto you.

We use a combination of real-life use, quality of materials, seasonal trends and top-seller lists to pick out the best ways to hold your phone while running. With all that in mind, we pick gear that has lived up to our personal (and professional) expectations, and we think they will live up to yours as well.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best running phone carriers based on what we think will work for the most people in most situations.

If you buy any gear from us and you don’t love the way it looks, fits or performs, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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