Best Running Gear for Dads 2024

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Being a dad and a runner is both a challenge and an opportunity. Whether you’re feeling sleep deprived after a long night with your little one or trying to squeeze in a run between your family’s busy schedule, finding the time and energy to exercise can be difficult.

The health benefits of walking and running, both mentally and physically, can help make you a healthier and happier dad for your children. Plus, we all know children are always watching and imitating us, which is why incorporating running into your life can help them fall in love with the sport, too.

At Fleet Feet we see all sorts of father runners from the dads who are just starting out to ones who have run since childhood. So we curated a list of some of the best running gear and gifts for dads that make getting your run in a little bit easier while also helping you out in the extreme sport called fatherhood. So whether you are getting a gift for your favorite father runner for the holidays or buying something for yourself, here is our list of the best running gear for dads:

[This is part of our Best Running Accessories Guide 2024. To take a deeper look into shoes, check out our guide to the Best Running Shoes for Men.]

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Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0 Thumbnail

Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0

Let’s be honest, kids are messy and having a seat protector and extra towel around is just smart. The Orange Mud Transition Wrap is great for any runner because it functions as a towel and a car seat cover. Even better for dads, you can use it as a privacy curtain for your kids while they change into their practice clothes or use it to wipe the dew off the slide on an early morning trip to the park.
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Sprints Hat Thumbnail

Sprints Hat

Look cool and bring a smile to your child’s face with the fun prints and styles of Sprints Hats. These hats work well whether you are running or watching a soccer game. With cool prints like tacos, flamingos and pickles, there is an option for every personality and style.
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Men's New Balance 990v5 Thumbnail

New Balance 990

No running gear for dads list would be complete without the quintessential dad shoe, the New Balance 990. The timeless style works whether you are going for a run or heating up the grill, while the support and cushioning keep you comfortable all day long.
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Thule Urban Glide 2 Thumbnail

Thule Urban Glide 2

Being a parent and a runner can be hard, the Thule Urban Glide 2 makes it easier. This jogging stroller lets your child ride in comfort as you put in the miles. It is easy to collapse and store in the car and has a variety of running features that we loved in our Thule Urban Glide 2 review. Plus, it can double as an everyday stroller.
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Men's Vuori Strato Tech Tee Thumbnail

Vuori Strato Tech Tee

Whether you are going for a run, playing with your kids or getting up for the 50th time at night, the Vuori Strato Tee will give you the comfort and performance you crave. The buttery soft material feels great against your skin, while its moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties make it perfect to wear for working out. Plus, it has motivational quotes on the inside of the sleeve to keep you inspired to take on the day.
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OOFOS OOahh Slide Thumbnail

OOFOS Ooahh Slides

$45 - $60
Whether your feet crave comfort after a run or you need a pair of sandals to slip on to take out the trash, the OOFOS Ooahh Slides come in clutch. These sandals cradle your feet and are made of a proprietary foam that reduces stress on your knees and joints. Plus, you can wear them with crew socks out in public and embarrass your kids.
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Garmin Forerunner 265 Thumbnail

Garmin Forerunner 265

Keep track of all of your running stats with the Garmin Forerunner 265. This GPS watch has everything you need for running, but also allows you to get texts from your phone, so you can stay connected without having to have your phone on you at all times. It also can track just how little sleep you get when the baby starts teething.
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Men's Vuori Kore Short Thumbnail

Vuori Kore Short

The Vuori Kore Short gives you one pair of shorts that works for any sport, including your kids using you as a jungle gym. The classic look works well with most tops and the breathable boxer-brief liner gives you comfort and versatility. They are soft, lightweight, stretchy, sweat-wicking and dry fast. Anti-odor properties keep you smelling fresh in case you wear them more than once and there are numerous pockets to hold pacifiers, rocks or whatever else your kid hands you.
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Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth Thumbnail

Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth

$33 - $35
A Hydro Flask bottle (or numerous water bottles) is great for running dads. It can keep your water cold at the gym or throughout the day (up to 24 hours) as well as your coffee warm in the morning (up to 12 hours), so you don’t need to reheat it for the third time. Plus, it is made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel and is coated with a proprietary powder coat to make it durable enough to be around kids.
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Thule Sapling Thumbnail

Thule Sapling

Not only is it fun to share more of the world with your little ones, but it teaches them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Take them with you on hikes with Thule Sapling. This hiking backpack allows you to comfortably carry them (and all of their gear) with you without having to go to the chiropractor afterward. Plus, it lets you show them that the view at the top of the mountain makes the climb worth it.
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Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones Thumbnail

Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones

The Shokz OpenRun Pro wireless headphones feature bone conduction technology that lets you listen to your music while also hearing the surrounding noises. This means you can run to music, but also hear your kid ask for water from the jogging stroller. If you have older kids the headphones let you listen to the game and hear if the house gets suspiciously quiet for a little too long. Plus, Shokz’s over-the-ear design makes them super lightweight and comfortable.
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Men's rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve Thumbnail

rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve

Soft and comfortable, the rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve has that wonderful lived-in feeling of the shirt you’ve had since high school, but it looks a lot better. It has all of the performance qualities to make it a great running shirt or wear it when you are running around with your kids playing tag.

How We Picked the Best Running Gear for Dads

With more than 45 years of experience, Fleet Feet is the expert in running and walking. What makes the ideal running gear for dads comes down to the personal experience, goals, preferences and style of that person. At Fleet Feet, we have been helping runners and walkers pick out the right gear for decades and want to pass that knowledge on to you.

We use a combination of real-life use, quality of materials, seasonal trends and our own top-seller lists to pick out the best running gear. With all that in mind, we picked gear that lived up to our personal (and professional) expectations and we think they will live up to yours as well.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best running gear for dads based on what we think will work for the most people in the most situations. If you buy any gear from us and you don’t love the way it looks, fits or performs, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 on, and we’ll match a lower price from a qualifying retailer. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.