Emily Duane

Emily is an avid runner who has tackled distances from 5k to marathons. She openly admits she is motivated by any chance to wear a costume and/or earn bling. She loves to volunteer or cheer at races whenever possible. More than anything, Emily loves to encourage newbies to explore running, and can often be found leading dance parties at the back of the pack.

As the owner of a growing content-writing business in the outdoor industry, Emily’s driving force is to educate, entertain and break down real and perceived barriers to entry to make the outdoors a welcoming and inclusive place for all to enjoy. She’s not afraid to use a well-placed poop joke to lighten things up (#relatable).

Not one to sit still, Emily is also a course coordinator for All-Out Multicourse Productions, a company based on the Front Range of Colorado, and an outfitter for Fleet Feet (formerly Boulder Running Company). Since 2018, she has maintained her RRCA Level I Certified Running Coach credential to be a more informed member of the running community when participating in conversations about training. In short, she really likes all things running.

In an attempt to be a well-rounded person, Emily also loves hiking, paddleboarding, camping, road trips and traveling, movies, listening to true crime podcasts, reading trashy romance novels, the occasional yoga class and hanging out with her cat, Penguin.

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